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    Current Weekly Schedule Empty Current Weekly Schedule

    Post  Kyokaku on Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:16 pm

    Saturday - Voidwatch
    Kaggen, Akvan, Reclear Jeuno T1 and T2.

    Sunday - Voidwatch
    Voidwrought, Reclear of Sandy T1-2, Bastok T1-2

    Monday - Abyssea
    Apademak Focus. Zelus Tiara NM focus.
    If time allows after finishing current trial for almace
    Member requests for AF materials (Any zone).

    Wednesday - Sea
    Jailer of Hope, Jailer of Fortitiude, Jailer of Justice, Jailer of Prudence
    If numbers allow us:
    Jailer of Love, Absolute Virtue Zerg

    In the future...
    Expect more voidwatch and more varied events on Wednesdays. Post in general discussion for wish's as to what wednesday's vote is. Thanks!

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