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    Tribal Linkshell Official Rules


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    Tribal Linkshell Official Rules Empty Tribal Linkshell Official Rules

    Post  Kyokaku on Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:28 pm

    Tribal Linkshell Official Rules:

    Below I have listed the linkshell rules in the most simplified and easy-to-read form. Any specific questions should be brought to my attention (or a pearlsack) for a longer or more detailed explanation.


    Tribal runs 4 events weekly:
    Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
    All events on these days start at 8:30PM EST (7:30 CST),
    And will end roughly at 12:00AM EST (11:00 PM CST)

    Empyrean or Relic farming may add an additional day on Fridays or Tuesdays, depending on whom the weapon is for and if the weapon requires specific attention.

    If you are logged into the game, you must attend these events.
    There is no exception to this rule!

    I don’t care if you hate Walk of Echoes. I don’t care if you’re bored of Abyssea. Chances are, someone in the linkshell needs something from that area. As a linkshell member, you should be willing to help them achieve it - because they are willing to help you achieve your goals in the events you want.

    If you are not logged in, absence from events are permitted with a documented excuse. Types of documented excuses include posting on the forums, or telling an officer. The reason why you cannot attend the event isn’t extremely relevant. Examples: real-life emergencies, dates with your significant other, you need some sleep because of school. All of those are valid reasons and would be counted as excused from our point of view.

    If you do not tell us, and/or you consistently skip events, it's likely you will be removed from the linkshell.
    If you are online and you do not wish to go to an event for selfish reasons, you will be removed.


    Lateness isn’t permitted unless it's for a real-life problem. For example, your work ran late. You’re having car problems. Some buddies didn’t want to leave when they were supposed to.

    You can just tell us why you were late, or if it will be an ongoing thing. For example: “I can’t make the first hour of Monday due to work.” That would be okay, and we would know this is something that will always happen on Mondays.

    Additionally, if a Member is late two (2) times without a reasonable explanation, it will count as an absence from that event. 3 unexcused absences (6 unexcused tardies) can, and probably will, result in removal of the LS, unless you discuss the situation with an Officer.

    Points and Bidding:

    Tribal uses a very fair and easy-to-follow points ("DKP") system.
    For each event, and for every 30 minutes a member spends at an event, 1 point is earned.
    Additionally, points can be awarded for donating pop items. The amount of points varies with the difficulty of the pop, the demand of that pop's drops, and what the officer wishes to give it. Here are some potential examples:

    Kirin Pop ~12-15 points
    Buhkis pop ~4-5 Points
    Absolute Virtue / Jailer of Love pop ~25-30 points

    To lot on an item, one must win the bid. Bids are held on each item drop, auction-style, in the Linkshell chatmode. It is up to each player to determine how many points s/he wishes to bid in order to win the item. Here is a rough example:

    Player A has 40 points
    Player B has 75 points
    Player C has 20 points

    Ninurta’s Sash drops.

    Officer: Okay, start bids on that (linkshell chat)

    Player A: 5 points sash
    Player B: 10 points sash
    Player C: 20 points sash
    Player A: 23 Points sash
    Player B: 40 Points sash
    Player A: Noob

    Player B would win the lot for 40 points, because player A cannot bid higher then the points s/he currently possesses.

    *Points earned at the current event are NOT applied until the next event.
    Points are maintained on the website, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] but we encourage players to keep track of their own points, since we do make human errors from time to time.

    Miscellaneous Rules

    A player may not harass another player on the basis of gear, skill, or gender / race / ethnicity. This can cause extreme discomfort for not just that person, but everyone else. That’s not to be confused with innocent teasing; we’re completely okay with that. To clarify, here’s an example:

    OK Behavior:

    Kyokaku > Sith you fucking blow dude
    Sithius > Lol, no.
    Sithius > I’m the best RDM there is
    Kyokaku > Your job is useless and so are you lol

    Both players know it's just playful banter, so it’s fine.

    Not OK:

    Zyn> Fuck you kyo. You fucking little stupid bitch. You fucking suck and I hate you, everything you do is a lie and I wish you would burn.
    Kyokaku> umad?

    Any Member can, at any time, question his/her points ("DKP") total on the website. Members may also contest absences, if we have an absence marked as unexcused. This is your right.

    In return, if we ask you to attend an event as a certain job, you must come as that job. Job assignments are not suggestions, and not up for debate among the general Membership during a linkshell event.

    In some situations, friends of a linkshell Member may join Tribal without an application. A Member may refer his/her friend to an Officer, and let us discuss it quickly first.

    We do empyrean/mythic/relic weapons for LS members. Before you can be considered, however, you must be a member "in good standing" for one month before submitting an application for a weapon. The member needs to fill out an application for the weapon in the Members-Only section of the website. It is a quick and easy form, and we use it to ensure fairness.


    Q: I’m not sure which pearlsack to talk to about bringing in friends, rules, points, or anything! Who do I talk to to get my questions answered?
    A: Kyokaku can handle ANY of those problems. But if she isn’t around, please feel free to ask Zyn, Nieka, Aerison, or Elanabelle, if you see any of them online. If they don’t know something, they’ll bring it up to me the second they see me online, and not let me relax until the question is answered.

    Q: I only want to do 1 of your 4 events. Is that okay?
    A: No. You are required to do all events that take place while you are online. If you cannot make an event because of your work schedule, but want to do the other events, that is certainly acceptable.

    Q: Is Kyokaku a girl?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Umad?
    A: Ujelly?

    All other questions, concerns, comments, please talk to an Officer directly. You can also PM any of us on the forums, game, or any other website you see us derping around on. Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the rules of Tribal Linkshell.

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