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    Eburo's Application


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    Eburo's Application Empty Eburo's Application

    Post  Eburo on Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:32 pm

    1. What is your in-game player name?

    2. Are you registered, or willing to register, on
    Yes, also registered on Guildwork as eburobismarck

    3. What are your level 90+ Jobs? Which of those jobs, do you considered your best geared or your "main" jobs?
    My Lv90+ jobs are SAM WAR THF RDM BLM WHM. I consider SAM my best non-abyssea DD (Masamune), WAR my best all-around Abyssea job. RDM is my best mage job, although it doesn't see much use in groups. I feel all of my jobs are exceptionally geared, with the exception of WHM. I have a Lv90 WHM alt for dual-boxing as well, she is rather well geared and merited too.

    4. Do you know anyone in the shell? Did anyone in the shell refer you?
    Bloodrose and Osaia, Osaia is a very good friend of mine. I was referred to this linkshell by the topic posted on FFXIAH.

    5. What do you hope to obtain through us?
    Experience with Voidwatch and Walk of Echoes, and somewhere to apply my skills. Also seeking help with an Ukonvasara.

    6. Aside from events, what are your other major playing times? (This is incase we decided to add future events, or we attempt to do something as a group in off time.)
    Monday and Tuesday evenings, generally until the next morning, and Thursday-Saturday afternoons.

    7. What other Linkshells's have you been in? (Please limit this question to true endgame shells!)
    TheOrganization (Bismarck-2009)
    EndOfYourWorld (Cerberus-2010)

    8. Any questions for us?
    Will there be cake?

    9. Do you want to huggle and squeeze a tarutaru every night?
    Only if it doesn't speak in taru-speak!! >.> Can I hug a Mithra instead?

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    Post  Elanabelle on Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:34 am

    Eburo takes a lot of flack in the FFXI community, and there may be reasons, but I'm unaware of them. He seems reasonable, communicative, and competent, to me. I've had more experience with Bloodrose and Osaia though, compared to Eburo. I'd like to hear what Bloodrose and Osaia have to say here.

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    Eburo's Application Empty Re: Eburo's Application

    Post  Kyokaku on Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:05 am

    I talked with the LS today about this app.

    Many people told me to decline this, so unfortunetly,
    this app is declined.

    Thank you for the interest in Tribal however ; ;

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